Intimacy Coordinator

To stage sex and nudity scenes in a film requires a concrete awareness, specific knowledge and experience.

Communication is crucial to guarantee a fair and consensual agreement, but most people don’t even feel comfortable talking about sexuality in a professional context.

An intimacy coordinator (IC) is an expert that can analyse a script in order to evaluate what scenes are intimate, they inform and advocate for the actors, facilitate conversation and negotiation and choreograph a scene to transport the director’s vision within the performer’s boundaries. A director supported by an intimacy coordinator can achieve greater artistic expression within a sex scene, whilst knowing that they’re working in a frame that cares for and enables the well being of the actors.

As an intimacy coordinator, I believe a sex or nudity scene doesn’t fulfill an end in itself. It tells the audience something about the protagonists, their relationship, it brings the story forward. All too often sex scenes serve clichés, in the worst cases they are exploitative. Working with an intimacy coordinator is enriching to a film both in its artistic and human value.

Film is my passion and helping establish a consent culture in film productions is my commitment to the industry.

I offer my services both as intimacy coordinator and consultant.